Mobile Minder Browser History Tracker

With Mobile Minder, you can track your child's online activities. Are you aware of dangers they could bring? Your child can see violent content, videos 18+ or catch viruses. Mobile Minder is a perfect match for you if you want a comprehensive view of what your kid is doing online. In addition, you can block websites that contain inappropriate content with Mobile Minder.

What is more, you can monitor the browsing history of your employees. If you are not sure they are visiting only worl-related websites, Mobile Minder will come in handy.

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Mobile Minder Browser History Tracker

What options do you have with Mobile Minder?

  • Tracking child’s online performance;
  • Content filtering;
  • Verify the details like visits and date stamps;
  • Follow the website history with site description.

Pairs with:

  • Any iOS version;
  • Android 4+

What can this feature help you with?

One example is when a child accidentally stumbles upon adult content or purchases something online. There are more severe cases when naive kids engage in communication with adults who are real villains.

It is easy for your children to access adult websites and other content online. There are some sites that have explicit content or promote racism, violence, or suicidal thoughts. You will be notified immediately with Mobile Minder if your child accesses questionable sites or inappropriate content.

To manage inappropriate content, use the browser's history feature along with our website block option. Mobile Minder makes it impossible for children to visit harmful sites.

In the Browser History section you can view a detailed account of a person's online behavior. Details such as the website URL, the website title, how many times the page was viewed, whether a bookmark was created, and a timestamp will be supplied to you.

Browser history is stored on Mobile Minder's servers. This means you can still access your target's browsing history if they clear their history after you log in. Alternatively, you can copy the data to your hard drive.

While you may want to, you cannot always watch over your children or family members. Mobile Minder helps to solve this problem. Mobile Minder enables you to monitor anyone remote and anonymously.

How to get started with Mobile Minder?

1. Purchase Mobile Minder

Mobile Minder subscription plans are available in a variety of packages. Choose the one catering best to your needs. Submit your order by entering your billing information. A confirmation email with further instructions will be sent after the payment is confirmed.

2. Install and Set Up the app

Following the instructions in the email, download and install Mobile Minder onto your kid's device. The process takes about 5-10 minutes and doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions.
Note: To make full use of Mobile Minder, you must root/jailbreak your device.

3. Start Tracking

Mobile Minder Control Panel provides access to browsing history, call logs, SMS and GPS location, text messages, and other activities occurring on your child's device.