Discover what your kid is texting about via Mobile Minder

Do you want to know the information that your kids send out or receive through texts? In this case, Mobile Minder becomes a perfect choice that assists in hunting for suspicious messages 24/7. This little helper ensures secure internet communication for teens!

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Discover what somebody is texting about via Mobile Minder

Mobile Minder lets parents to:

  • See the texts that a child gets, sends, and erases;
  • Know who communicates with the child through messages;
  • Check the exact timing of the texts.

You can enjoy the tool with:

  • IOS 7+ with or without jailbreak;
  • Android 4.0 and up, with or without rooting.

Why can the monitoring function be beneficial for you?

Up to the present time, youth prefers to communicate via texting, which is fast and convenient. Certainly, messaging sometimes goes far past innocent, friendly conversations. In fact, the surveys state that every third teenager has a risk of seeing inappropriate content through SMS. Many parents look for tracking solutions, fearing that a child might get in touch with suspicious individuals.

If you want something trustworthy and discreet, Mobile Minder is indeed the option to consider from other numerous programs. With this specific software, you have non-stop access to your kids’ correspondence.

Just a few clicks and all the data about the needed messages is before your eyes! You get to analyze when exactly the texting took place and who was on the other side of the screen. Once you spot the unwanted conversations, you are able to intervene on time!

How does Mobile Minder work?

1. Purchase a subscription

For a start, learn about the pricing policy of Mobile Minder. Since they differ by functionality and cost, weigh your priorities first. Once you choose the plan that satisfies you, fill in the information needed for completing the payment. After that, you receive the necessary instructions that help you install Mobile Minder.

2. Finish the setup process

The next stage requires a few clear steps. By following the instructions on your screen, you may install Mobile Minder on the gadget that your kid uses. What is more, installation goes without rooting or jailbreaking!

3. Begin monitoring

In order to set off the control process, enter a personal account and open the instrument board. Here, you see a few separate groups for different phone activities, including messages. Due to the convenient design, you have zero problem keeping an eye on somebody.