Tracking photos

Undeniably, exchanging pictures is one of the most popular forms of communication among young people. While such activity seems fun and innocent, there is still a risk of it taking a dangerous turn. Thanks to Mobile Minder, every cautious person can now save their children from online abuse.

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Tracking photos

The abilities of Mobile Minder include:

  • Exploring the photo gallery;
  • Analyzing the timing of pictures;
  • Saving records of photos on the user board.

You may install Mobile Minder on:

  • Apple gadgets with IOS 7 and newer versions;
  • Android 4 and up.

Furthermore, a big plus of Mobile Minder is that jailbreak or rooting are unnecessary!

Why do you need photo monitoring?

Today, sharing and receiving pictures with sexual undertones is quite a common practice for teenagers. However, little do young people know that the law prohibits sending out revealing pics. Some find sexting a cool and adult thing to do without realizing the possible outcome. As a result, fun texting leads to severe consequences.

For this reason, Mobile Minder becomes a life-saver for the parents that have even the slightest suspicions about their kids’ actions. A program like Mobile Minder retrieves all images from the photo gallery and the ones that the child shares with other people. Working with this application is convenient due to the logical instrument board with topical info.

In fact, the addressee might be anyone, a peer, a younger person, or even an adult! Also, according to the statistics, half of all the kids stumble upon disturbing pictures while Internet surfing.

How do you get Mobile Minder?

1. Complete the purchase

Indeed, the first thing on your to-do list is to decide on the Mobile Minder package. Fortunately, you can choose from several options. For getting a new user account, the only requirement is your current email. Upon the payment, Mobile Minder sends out step-by-step guidance.

2. Set up the program

The second step is uncomplicated too. If your kid has an Android gadget, you need just a little time and effort to install Mobile Minder. On the other hand, the tool works even without installation on Apple phones. In any case, customer support is available at any moment.

3. Begin monitoring

Did you complete the previous steps? If yes, the only thing left is to enter the Mobile Minder instrument panel. It looks like an information desk that contains the necessary records. With such a virtual assistant, you are aware of a teen’s phone activity whenever you want!